Track 12: Quai Ensoleillé Part 2


As mentioned in the last post, ‘Quai Ensoleillè’ is essentially one track split into two.  Part two continues with the same chord progression, but the time signature changes, Camus stops talking and the energy levels increase.  I felt there was no other place to put this track than at the end, especially as I feel the final part has an atmosphere of looking to the future in a bitter-sweet kind of way.  I thank those who have taken the time to listen to this album and would greatly appreciate any feedback on it.  It would be great to hear which tracks stand out for you and which ones shouldn’t have seen the light of day.  Thanks again.

Track 11: Quai Ensoleillé Part 1


The last two tracks of the album are essentially made up of one idea split in two.  In September last year I found myself at Monte Carlo train station, where there was a piano lying near the platform, free for passers-by to play.  Despite my scarce playing abilty, I sat down and played a couple of chords I liked and felt that I could make a track out of them and this is the result.  The title in English is ‘Sunny Platform’ and to add to the French theme, I thought I’d slot in an old interview with Albert Camus underneath it, which I feel suitably fits the mood.

Track 10: Pozzanghera


After making long drawn-out tracks like ‘Engage’ and ‘Comfortably Unknown’, I felt it was time for some light relief.  I didn’t see why I couldn’t sneak in a quirky little punk number to add to the unpredictability of the final quarter of the album.  While writing the lyrics, the only words that seemed to fit were in Italian (my second language), so that’s how it ended up being.  A rough English translation would go something like this…

“I go out one evening, the darkness captivates me.  I can’t see anything, but I’m not worried.  I go running in the rain, but I don’t care if I get lost or fall in the water.  Then there’s a puddle, exclusively mine.  I can spend the night down here in my puddle.  It’s just my size, exclusively mine.  Nobody can disturb me down here in my puddle”

The song is about those times when you detach yourself from reality and immerse yourself in your own thoughts.  Those times when you feel nervous and vulnerable while at the same time strangely enjoying it.  It’s not a favourable state to stay in for long, but one none of us should fear falling into from time to time.

Track 9: Comfortably Unknown


For the final part of the album, I decided that I wanted it to be full of contrast.  I remember listening to albums from the late 90s and early 2000s, which left the listener constantly wondering what was going to come next.  For this track I decided to go for a raw live sound like the one I had achieved on ‘The Gutter’ using live guitars and drums.  I’ve imagined this track and ‘Engage’ being played live with a full orchestra and believe the results could be spectacular.  Do you think so too or is it just me?

The theme of the song is about the futility of arguing about the origins of the universe and our purpose in it.  Maybe instead of falling out over such arguments, we should learn to marvel at the wonders around us and not let the mysteries of the cosmos cause us anxiety and unrest.