Track 8: Engage


Just over a year ago, I came back from my holidays hungry for fresh ideas for new songs.  I therefore looked to move away from the conventional song structures implemented in Signs of Purity and set my sights on trying something new.  Some ideas began circling round my head and I was curious to see if they would work.  I then started to piece them together and realised that the track was turning into something more like a film score.  I then thought that for the new album, I could make just five or six of these long tracks, but in the end, the other ideas I had later on were more suited to shorter songs.  I did however, decide to keep this one in as it doesn’t feel completely out of place in with the other tracks and has a piano lick that isn’t dissimilar to that of ‘The Gutter’.  It also certainly needs more than a few seconds to be listened to!

The theme of the song reflects the length of it, suggesting that more time should be spent attempting to understand and therefore appreciate something.  I had previously been to a couple of museums where I had seen people jumping from one exhibit to the next without taking the time to stop and really take in what was on display.  If we stop to ponder, digest and analyse what is presented to us for just a bit longer, then surely we will become more knowledgeable,  patient and more appreciative of the world around us and its history.

Track 7: The Test


By January this year, I had reached a point where I wasn’t going to musically restrict myself any longer.  This is surely healthy, especially as the ideas floating round my head don’t always accomodate guitar and live drum sounds.  As with ‘Glad to be Grey’, I started working with some ideas and in the end, I found that synthetic sounds were far more suitable for this particular track.

The lyrical content is about how we think we are as people doesn’t always match our actual behavioural traits.  How many times have you met a person who says things like how important punctuality is to them and then the next week, they turn up late?  This isn’t preaching, it’s just a gentle reminder that if you are going to say righteous things about yourself, just make sure that what you actually do in practice matches them.

Track 6: Flower Park


As I mentioned last week, when you use a DAW, it’s impossible not to explore the various sounds it has to offer.  This next track came together by chance after finding a beautiful string & synth pad, which I simply had to use in a song.  I therefore had to find sounds and a song structure to compliment it and this is the result; a song about finding peace and quiet in an unlikely place.

Track 5: Glad To Be Grey


While making this album I decided that I wasn’t going to limit myself by staying within a certain musical genre.  So far most of my music (especially what I’ve posted on here) could be described as 1990s influenced indie rock.  This hasn’t been particularly intentional, the songs just seem to have developed in that way.  I have made electronic music under different pseudonyms but previously never felt it to be suitable for the Henry of Wall project.  For this album though, I decided there was nothing stopping me and from this point of the album, the tracks become less generically predictable.  For anyone familiar with DAWs, you will know that there is a cornucopia of electronic sounds available and it’s impossible to resist dabbling with them.  Unintentionally, this track ended up incorporating a mid to late 80s pop sound and I didn’t see any reason not to leave it that way.

The theme of the song is similar to that of “Lonely Quadrant” and expresses again the experiences of not committing oneself to one set of ideologies.  It acknowledges the fact that while we can’t please everybody, it is vital that we weigh things up rationally and think for ourselves instead of being easily swayed by empty soundbites and throwaway terminology.