Track 4: Lonely Quadrant


Most songs I’ve made so far follow more or less the same process.  An idea pops into my head sometimes first thing in the morning when I wake up or when I’m out and about.  I hum the melody into my phone and later sit down and arrange it on my DAW.  The theme and lyrics of the song are the last things to be decided upon and are created according to the mood of the song.

This one however, came about more unconventionally.  I programmed a series of unrelated beats together from scratch and then built the song around them.  As a result, I feel that the song is more unusual sounding than others as it does not have lyrical structures you would call a ‘verse’ or ‘chorus’.  I had a lot of fun making it though and will definitely try this method again for my next project.

The song expresses the increasing difficulty in taking a well balanced rational view of certain issues while referring to the ecomonist and mathematician Eric Weinstein’s four quadrant model.  It seems to me that if you don’t blindly commit yourself to an entire set of ideologies nowadays, you will find yourself in a sort of ideological no-man’s land, facing animosity from both the left and the right.

Track 3: Could It Work?


This song was conceived after watching videos and listening to discussions about the universal basic income.  Most people I’ve spoken to about this seem to have an opinion for or against it immediately without actually thinking more deeply about it.  There are so many things to take into consideration, I still haven’t figured out exactly where I stand on it.  Whether we like it or not though, we really have to start thinking about the effects artificial intelligence will have on work and accept the fact that in the future there simply won’t be enough of it for everybody.  This is an enormous issue and one which is sure to be the centre of many debates in the coming years.

Track 2: The Gutter


Like ‘January Hare’, ‘The Gutter’ is driven by a piano lick repeated throughout the track, although this time the energy levels have been taken up a notch and there are accompanying vocals.  The lyrical content of the song is a reaction against advice very often found in books and online.  We are often told to love ourselves and be satisfied and appreciative of everything we have, regardless of the direness of situations we find ourselves in.  This song suggests that this attitude can be counter productive and stops us from making the best out of ourselves and reaching our true potential.  For the best listening experience, play this loud through a good set of headphones.

Track 1: January Hare


I decided to open the album with a gentle instrumental.  It stays in one chord throughout and slowly builds as it goes on.  It didn’t want to complicate things too much because sometimes, less is more, as the German band Neu! demonstrated many years ago.  I came up with the title while on a high speed train (whose logo features a hare) in January.  I felt it suited the rolling nature of the tune.