More Than A Few Seconds


I’d thought of a few ideas for an album title, but settled very quickly on More Than A Few Seconds as it seems to have an association with most, if not all the tracks on the album.  I felt it was suitable as we live in an age in which we never seem to concentrate on anything for longer than a few seconds.  We’re looking for an instant fix for everything, which obviously cannot be realistically possible.  Art for example, needs more than a few seconds to be appreciated.  Debates need more than a few seconds before some sort of conclusion is reached.  The things we read in the news need more than a few seconds before we develop an opinion on a certain issue.  It may need more than a few seconds to figure out how the cover for this album (above) was made.  The tracks on this album will hopefully be listened to for more than a few seconds ;).   You could therefore say that this is a call for attention spans to be strengthened in order to fully appreciate and make the most out of art, information, music and opinions.

As I’ve previously mentioned, there are 12 tracks on this album and they do not follow the conventions of a single musical genre.  Some of them feature conventional elements of guitar based rock, while others use more electronic and ambient sounds.  I find it difficult to stick to one single genre.  I have an idea in my head and then it develops in ways I feel are suitable regardless of trying to keep to a formula.  Unlike Signs of Purity, which was a collection of individually recorded songs, these tracks were put together with the aim of being part of one album and follow a constant train of thought throughout.  I’d therefore say that this is my first ‘proper’ album in terms of completeness.  The themes of the songs include the excuses we make for not improving ourselves, the universal basic income, the futility of taking sides, the refusal to accept an entire set of socio-political views, the difference between how we see ourselves and who we really are as well as other topics that seem to be very rarely included in songs.  I feel that lyrical content in music nowadays has been simplified and isn’t seen to be an important element in a song anymore.  On this album, I’ve tried to speak my mind and invite the listener to reflect on certain arguments, while at the same time, not doing it too agressively.

I will be posting each track of this album one by one on a weekly basis, starting from this Thursday.  As with Signs of  Purity, I will personally e-mail a copy to anybody who is interested in possessing the album in its entirety.  I don’t do this as a career and I don’t intend to make any money out of it.  I therefore have no interest or intention of releasing my work on platforms such as Spotify or itunes.  It’s just a simple personal connection between me and the listener.  Any feedback, positive or negative is welcomed and if I can capture the imagination of just one extra person, then I will see this latest project as a success.

It’s Done!

I can finally announce that all 12 of the new tracks have now been completed and are ready to be published.  I will be posting more detailed information about them along with some artwork in the next few days and have decided to post each track one by one on this site one day a week.


I Haven’t Given Up!

Well another three months have passed since my last post and as you can see, still no new album ready.  Procrastination is a wonderful thing!  Instead of doing the final bits of mixing and mastering, I decided to drop everything and wait until the World Cup was over, especially as my national team England were doing rather well (but not quite well enough, as we have recently found out ).  As I mentioned in my last post, I’m not under any pressure to get things done, but I really would like to have this album completed once and for all now.  I’m therefore back on it and hopefully these little musical flowers will get unearthed in the next couple of weeks.