Taking Shape

Slowly but surely, the new album is getting pieced together.  If I didn’t have a day job, things would be able to move far more quickly as you would imagine.  The 12 tracks are musically complete and I’ve just started to add vocals to some of them this weekend.  This and the mixing and mastering are the hardest parts of the whole process. They involve painstakingly trying to get the right balance and striving to get the tracks as presentable as possible (I don’t use autotune by the way 😉 ) .  Although lyrically the album follows a general theme, it is much more musically diverse than my earlier material.  I’ve definitely challenged myself this time and I’m really hoping I can do justice to the ideas circling around in my head.  I’m aiming to have it all finished either just before or shortly after Easter.  It will probably depend on how many nasty surprises I have from now until then.

DSCF4743 (2)