Freedom Without Freedom

Freedom Without Freedom is track 9 on Signs of Purity.  It is one of the three tracks I have recorded this year as opposed to the other 7, which were finished last year.  The few lyrics it has are inspired by a theme that I think about a lot, which is also the subject of a recent book written by the American philosopher Sam Harris.  It’s the idea that although we feel free to do what we want, there is always something that happens uncontrollably inside our brains that influences our decisions before we make them. It’s a hotly debated topic, but thought-provokingly fascinating nonetheless.


Blasted Heath

Blasted Heath is track 5 on Signs of Purity and was written in the spring of 2016.  It was inspired by a rather ill-advised walk in the mountains, just as the snow was beginning to melt.  The song is also a reference to types of situations I have experienced in the past when, although easier options are available, one chooses the most challenging.  The ‘Blasted Heath’ is the backdrop to some of Shakespeare’s most unsettling and desperate scenes and, physically or mentally, it’s somewhere we all find ourselves at some point in our lives.