Signs of Purity

I have recently recorded two more songs and have decided to put them together with the others I’ve made over the past year to create an album called Signs of Purity, which is also the name of one of the new aforementioned tracks. While the style and sound varies throughout the album, the theme is generally consistent and generally follows introspective thought patterns.  However personal they may be to me, they can always be interpreted in ways which suit the individual listener.  We all suffer from some form of mental and physical unrest from time to time.  The ‘purity’ symbolises the passing of such unrest, which connects us to our past but also prepares us for what’s to come.

As time goes by, tracks from this album will be posted onto this site.  If you would like a digital copy of the album, there will be no need to worry about how or where you can download it. I will gladly email a copy to you personally as it would give me great pleasure to have personal contact with those who are interested in the songs I’ve produced.  You will find my details in the Contact section of this site.




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